Tuesday, July 31, 2012

standing on my soap box: politeness/kindness

This is a subject very near and dear to my heart because obviously i am a waitress/bartender and have to deal with the crappiest of crap attitudes every single day. On a daily basis i am treated like the lowest form of life known to man, i am pretty sure people treat crack whores with a little more dignity that i am treated (and bless their hearts, i dont wish them any ill-will) This attitude that I encounter amazes me because hello people! i am in charge of the food you ingest, why would you want to make me mad? or tell the cooks what b-holes you have been? seriously. And no i am not saying that i would do anything bad to it, because i honestly wouldn't i am not that kind of person (and i have not personally seen anything bad happen to anybodies food btw, im just making a point), but what i am saying is that i am a complete stranger to you, and what if i was that kind of person would you really want to risk that?

Wow that whole paragraph sounded really creepy, im sorry. The point that i am trying to make is, I will never understand the need to be rude to a complete stranger who is doing everything in their power to try and please you?

I am in real life aside from my job probably one of the sweetest people ever, not trying to toot my own horn just telling it like it is. The desire of my heart is to make everybody i meet feel welcome and valued, i know it sounds cheesy but that is honest to god how i feel. My "life mantra" is that you cannot control a single thing in this world: not a man, not the weather, not politics, not anything. The one thing you are in control of is how you treat and speak to the people that enter you life. Every word that comes out of your mouth has the ability to uplift or destroy a person. I know which one i want to do, how about you?

here is some visual treats to back up what i said


Anonymous said...

Here! Here! You are right on, baby! Lv, M

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that people treat you unkindly every day! I remember when I worked as a waitress that I was either at the height of happiness over how nice people could be or I was in the depths of despair and anger over how hateful and unkind they could be. I am glad that it hasn't made you bitter! And kindness is a fruit of the Spirit! I'll be praying that your example will spread to others! So much love to you, R.

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