Saturday, July 14, 2012


Just in case anybody was curious here is Clairebear 101:

1. I am a brat. I am used to getting my way in all things luckily what i want usually is for the greater good. I still at the ripe age of 25 cross my arms, stick out my bottom lip, and cry if things do not go my way. I know that sounds annoying but from what i hear it is extremely adorable, hence the getting my way almost always.

2. I suffer from a life threatening case of hypochondria.....yup its pretty bad apparently its untreatable, maybe someday there will be a can only pray. but on the real there is always something wrong with me, currently i am plagued with possible herpes of the ankles or maybe they are mosquito bites, who really know. Oh and im pretty sure my jaw is going to dislocate when my wisdom tooth finishes emerging straight into my jaw bone.....owwwies

3. I am extremely impulsive (which probably hits back to topic number 1) I currently at the moment have a half painted apartment, lots of shoes for which i have no matching outfits to cordinate them with. have gone from blonde, red, black, blonde with hot pink, brown, red, black......well you get the pic (currently i am raven headed.) I am super lucky to have my handsome man to make me stop and take 10 every once in awhile.

4. I am a cry baby, i can literally cry at the drop of a hat. I cry at the end of any good movie (especially beauty and the beast, i literally sob when beast "dies" yes i know he is going to come back to life but still my heart BREAKS!) I have been forbidden to watch nature shows with my bf i cannot stand to see animals getting hurt even if it has to do with the food chain.

I know this kind of sounds like a list of my worst qualities but actually I believe that everybody has their quirks that makes up the full picture of the people we love. I have to admit i am kind of in heart with myself in a totally healthy way and I am pretty stoked other people seem to find me a little bit amazing haha. does anybody else have some quirky traits they love about themselves? do tell! 


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you were a hypochondriac! - Every once in a while when I want to be dramatic I will cross my arms, stick out my bottom lip, and go "Emph!" while stomping one foot. If someone has been especially annoying to me I may even go so far as to call him a "back." You have been a great example for me. Love you, R.

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