Sunday, July 22, 2012

looky what i got!

sometimes a broke girl can catch a break after all! I have been literally drooling over these kate spade earings:

they have been taunting me with their $98 dollar price tag. I know to some that may not be alot of money, but bless my poor little heart, to me it's like my life savings! 

Well I have some wonderful news for my ears and wallet! I found these little cuties as maurices for 12 dollaaaa!
Okay dont worry kate, i swear when i become rich (or at the very least middle-class) I will buy yours, but till them my little ears are oh so very happy!


Anonymous said...

Awww! That are pretty! I like the cheap ones better! I really do! And every Southern gurl needs some pearls!

Anonymous said...

Honey Child, I am so proud of you for going pearls. Pearls are so mysterious and so wonderfully made. I really like these and can't wait to see you wearing them. Lv M

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