Thursday, November 15, 2012

and the saga continues

I am the worst blog owner ever....seriously. I probably deserve to be banned from blogging for life but thankfully the blog gestapo haven't been trolling around on my blog so i guess all is good. To educate and update everybody on my life, I am planning on uprooting my little life here in the sunshine state and moving it back to sweet home Alabama. It was kind of a sudden decision but the moment that the idea popped in my head, i immediately surrendered to it, no point in fighting your heart when it is homesick. I am so excited to be a part of my family's life again, to possibly be able to go to school again, to have access to a huge library system and a crapload of awesome thriftstores so the dork in me can go hog wild! There are so many pro's to me going but there are a few major cons. I am going to miss the heck-o-la out of my handsome boyfriend! It is going to be incredibly hard to wake up with out my big strong man by my side. Im going to really miss not having my snuggle partner to watch movies with. I wish i could convince him to come with me but i know if he did he would be just as homesick as i am here. Till the day i move i plan on taking pictures of everybody i love here and every nit-picky little building that i drive by everyday and have grown to love because i dont know the next time i will be back. This is pretty much a bitter sweet kind of thing for me. Im gonna be moving to a new house (thank you precious lord in the sky! I am so sick of my stupid craphole apartment!) hopefully that actually has hot water (plz, plz, plz) I am going to be with my family every stinking minute, prob to the point where they are going to sit me down and tell me they need "them" time. I am going to start a new job (well same job, just different store) I am really nervous about this! The store that i work at I am seriously in love with all my co-workers and managers, no joking here, so the thought of going to a new place and that happening are slim to none i feel, but we will see, open mind open heart here. I have to come up with about a million dollars in 2 weeks which is craaaaazy! its not gonna happen but anyways, either way i am moving and that is final, whether i have to trow my stuff into a little hanky over my shoulder and hop freight trains i am going back home, but again i wish my ultra handsome man could fit into my hanky too then this would be ultra perfect.