Sunday, July 15, 2012

getting nannyfied!

okay so my beautiful grandmother is not a meemaw, mawmaw, granny, or nana. She is Nanny, and she is fabulous! When i was growing up my Nanny was my moon and stars (who am i kidding, she still is) I spent the night with this woman every friday night from the time i was 5 till i was 16 and then when i was 17 my mother and i moved in for keeps. I find that as an adult she is my power animal when it comes to style. Nanny never met a gold shoe that she didn't like and i have to say this little peach didn't fall very far from that tree. i currently own about 4 pairs of mentioned gold shoes and i certainly don't plan on ending the craziness with that. I am hoping that once my bank account stops acting like a crazy bitch I can add these sweet babies to my closet
i am in seriously lust with these dolce vita tassled loafers! you can find them here

I actually came across these super adorable sandals at tarjay on sale for 13 bucks! i scooped up a slightly dif version that had leopard for the t-strap but still has the gold woven back, you can find this version here

Anyways i have so many amazing stories and inspiration from my Nanny i am fairly certain "getting nannyfied" is going to be a weekly bloggy thing. Lord knows that there will always be gold shoes to drool over


Anonymous said...

This must be a family trait of our female line. I have several gold tone shoes. My latest favorites are gold sandals I got for $5 at the thrift store. Lv, M.

Anonymous said...

I happen to have a pair of bronze sandals that M bought and they were too loose on her and I like them! I wear them to church. But I am sorry, I cannot wear gold shoes. I just don't have the panache that y'all do to pull them off. You have to have a strong personally to own that look and y'all certainly have that!

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