Friday, June 8, 2012

huff and ill puff and blow them candles down

Today is my birthday, turning the big two five. (25) I feel like people probably expect me to be a grown up at this point in my life, to have some sort of "life plan" or "career" but i don't.......The problem is that i have a really big commitment problem and I'm lazy. Hey, I'm just being real. Every time i decide "okay this is what i want my big girl job to be" i get really excited and look into it, possibly start school for it and then I'm like "ya know, this isn't for me, see you guys never." When i try to talk to my family about what i want to do, its almost like i can hear 1000 people say "yeah that's a great idea! you would be great!" Then i have to look for that one person that says "meeeehhhh i dunno, your really lazy, and that's alot of work and blah blah blah" then i get to back out of it scott free. This is the year that this cycle ends. I may not turn into a big girl or get a real adult career but i am going to start taking my goals more seriously so i have compiled a short list of things i intend to do this year

1) Paint a picture every week, so basically i need to have 52 painting by my next birthday

2) get big fake lumps of silicone inserted in my chest (yes its a shallow and maybe tacky but I WANT IT!)

3) go "glamping" in my backyard

4) learn french (well beyond saying tres and oui oui!)

5) pick a stinking color to paint my freaking apartment and just do it!

6) keep my apartment spotless (right now i am afraid it looks like an episode of hoarders, its very embarrassing actually)

7) do a food challenge, like eat the worlds largest hamburger or something.

8) what i really really really want to do is go on a few weekend trips to some of my surrounding southern cities like Savannah, New Orleans, and Key West.

9) finally get started in roller derby

I realize this list doesn't exactly prove that i am on a higher level of maturity, but i kind of felt like if i declared to the world what i want to accomplish maybe i would be more likely to complete some of these goals. If anybody else has any wacky or serious goals you want to achieve this year feel free to share them, maybe it will motivate you also.