Friday, December 28, 2012

long time no blog

Hello my darlings,
I am sorry i am such a naughty blogger and never update, but i have been incredibly busy the last month. Since my last post i have officially moved to Alabama! Although it was a bit of a bumpy ride getting here, I didn't know where i was going to be living until about 5 days before i was set to move. I had two living situations fall through, but as they say, it all worked out for the best! My cousin needed a roomie since she had just bought the cutest 1920's bungalow, i love this house! my bedroom is bigger than my last apartment, seriously, no joking here. The neighborhood is sort of in the middle of revitalization, which means it is like 2 blocks from the "ghetto" haha. That being said i really enjoy my neighborhood, i love the diversity, i love all of its little quirks. I love stalking my family and making them hang out with me :-) i actually get to eat dinner with them, and just pop in because im in the neighborhood, snuggle with my mommy. Its perfect! The only thing i haaaaaaaaaate is my job. yup. I hate it. Its really unfortunate because it is the same brand that i worked for before, but it is a different management company so they way it is run is really frustrating. I am currently in the process of searching for a new jobby. I have already applied to another establishment and am crossing my fingers i get it! If i do i will share what it is, it is slightly naughty and lots of fun, that is the only hint i am giving now. so stay tuned folks.