Tuesday, July 31, 2012

standing on my soap box: politeness/kindness

This is a subject very near and dear to my heart because obviously i am a waitress/bartender and have to deal with the crappiest of crap attitudes every single day. On a daily basis i am treated like the lowest form of life known to man, i am pretty sure people treat crack whores with a little more dignity that i am treated (and bless their hearts, i dont wish them any ill-will) This attitude that I encounter amazes me because hello people! i am in charge of the food you ingest, why would you want to make me mad? or tell the cooks what b-holes you have been? seriously. And no i am not saying that i would do anything bad to it, because i honestly wouldn't i am not that kind of person (and i have not personally seen anything bad happen to anybodies food btw, im just making a point), but what i am saying is that i am a complete stranger to you, and what if i was that kind of person would you really want to risk that?

Wow that whole paragraph sounded really creepy, im sorry. The point that i am trying to make is, I will never understand the need to be rude to a complete stranger who is doing everything in their power to try and please you?

I am in real life aside from my job probably one of the sweetest people ever, not trying to toot my own horn just telling it like it is. The desire of my heart is to make everybody i meet feel welcome and valued, i know it sounds cheesy but that is honest to god how i feel. My "life mantra" is that you cannot control a single thing in this world: not a man, not the weather, not politics, not anything. The one thing you are in control of is how you treat and speak to the people that enter you life. Every word that comes out of your mouth has the ability to uplift or destroy a person. I know which one i want to do, how about you?

here is some visual treats to back up what i said

Monday, July 23, 2012

getting nannyfied!

I was at work probably a few weeks ago and happened to have the pleasure of serving a table of moms taking shot after shot of tequila in front of their children, children that were under the age of 10 (let me just say, i am not a mom, but i do understand the need to unwind and have fun with your girls, but seriously for the sake of your sweet babies lives do this on a night when its just you and your girlfriends). This is kind of something i am not a fan of, and i got to talking to one of my friends about how when we were growing up our parents and none of their friends had those kind of shenanigans at a family dinner. We started talking about all the good old southern traditions of family and food and somehow got on the subject of pound cake. This turned into a whole debate over who's grandma had the best recipe and obviously my nanny does. Sadly i have never made her recipe but i remember looooving when somebody had the nerve to bring over a slice of their recipe because that meant out the blender and all the ingredients and she would show me "how a real pound cake should feel and taste" She doesn't know it yet but im pretty sure im gonna have to book a cooking class with her the next time i come home so that she can teach me her jedi cooking skills. Until then here are some pretty tasty poundcake recipes i found over at southern living. I especially want to try and make this buttermilk poundcake with custard sauce! yum!
photo by jennifer davick

Sunday, July 22, 2012

looky what i got!

sometimes a broke girl can catch a break after all! I have been literally drooling over these kate spade earings:

they have been taunting me with their $98 dollar price tag. I know to some that may not be alot of money, but bless my poor little heart, to me it's like my life savings! 

Well I have some wonderful news for my ears and wallet! I found these little cuties as maurices for 12 dollaaaa!
Okay dont worry kate, i swear when i become rich (or at the very least middle-class) I will buy yours, but till them my little ears are oh so very happy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

butterfly away.

I just got off work about an hour ago, just so everybody knows that was at 12:30 at night, which just so you know sucks because it is impossible for me to fall right to sleep after running around like a crazy person. My nightly ritual usually consists of laying on my bed next to the computer and stalking blogs, window shopping on a gazillion websites, but mostly etsy. If i could somehow not have to pay rent or any bills I would probably sit at my comp with an i.v. drip of whatever it takes to live so i could check out every freaking thing on etsy..............anyways tonight i am totally freaking out about monarch butterfly inspired fashion and other things! here are some of my favs:

I actually am planning on buying this after i finish working this weekend as a reward for being awesome.

I really love this skirt! it is a little bohemian and definitely fun.

these are just precious and whimsical, If i ever have a wedding again i would love to use these!

and because i am a huge dork, i would buy this painting in heartbeat! haha (go team venture!)

and another dr. girlfriend themed photo, I wish this person was selling the whole outfit and not just the boots :-(

alright now i really should turn out all the lights and go to sleep but now i feel like i should have a venture brothers marathon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fear and loathing in florida

At this moment in life i am so pissed, disappointed (or what my nephew used to call pissappointed), sick, worn out, just plain sad. 

1.My wisdom teeth are coming in at the ripe old age of 25 and it is making me physically sick, i cannot eat talk, drink water or anything involving my mouth without serious pain.

2. My boyfriend is moving out of state in exactly 2 weeks, he could be gone for 3 months he could be gone for six months....who knows. To make matters worse he is moving to Alabama my dear homestate and we were kind of hoping i could move too but that is definitely not happening.

3. My car is broken down right now, I am broke, meaning i am able to do nothing about the situation. 

4. I am broke....why did it have to be money that makes the world go round? maybe couldnt it have been kindness and grace because i have plenty of that to spare...but the denero? sorry senor. 

......soooo as I am about to embark on the journey of lonelyness i am trying to cheer myself up, and stay positive even though it is very hard and something i have to constantly think about because i can tend to wallow in debbie downerism a little to easily. 

here are some mantras and encouragement for myself and anybody else going through tough times

okay i think that is enought inspo for the day. i just have to keep reminding myself of these thoughts. 

(p.s. i found these on tumblr and i dont believe the posters were the original source, if you know who did these i would love to credit them and possible purchase some of these prints for my house)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

getting nannyfied!

okay so my beautiful grandmother is not a meemaw, mawmaw, granny, or nana. She is Nanny, and she is fabulous! When i was growing up my Nanny was my moon and stars (who am i kidding, she still is) I spent the night with this woman every friday night from the time i was 5 till i was 16 and then when i was 17 my mother and i moved in for keeps. I find that as an adult she is my power animal when it comes to style. Nanny never met a gold shoe that she didn't like and i have to say this little peach didn't fall very far from that tree. i currently own about 4 pairs of mentioned gold shoes and i certainly don't plan on ending the craziness with that. I am hoping that once my bank account stops acting like a crazy bitch I can add these sweet babies to my closet
i am in seriously lust with these dolce vita tassled loafers! you can find them here

I actually came across these super adorable sandals at tarjay on sale for 13 bucks! i scooped up a slightly dif version that had leopard for the t-strap but still has the gold woven back, you can find this version here

Anyways i have so many amazing stories and inspiration from my Nanny i am fairly certain "getting nannyfied" is going to be a weekly bloggy thing. Lord knows that there will always be gold shoes to drool over

whistling dixie

so i tend to wake up fairly early in the morning, when it is still my puppies bedtime and sometimes mama needs some time to herself to check emails and whatnot, ya know? well my sweet angels must be able to hear my eyelids flutter open to greet the day because that cues the high pitched "whine" i dont know what to call it. So I cave and let them join in on my mommy-not-so-alone-time and then when i dont pet them i get the same "whine" my bf wakes up slightly and says "why are they whistling?" hahaha then i realized that is totally what they do! crazy babies!
a super old photo of my extremely adorable panda bear
and my roxie bear (another old pic, need to do a photo shoot super soon!)

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Just in case anybody was curious here is Clairebear 101:

1. I am a brat. I am used to getting my way in all things luckily what i want usually is for the greater good. I still at the ripe age of 25 cross my arms, stick out my bottom lip, and cry if things do not go my way. I know that sounds annoying but from what i hear it is extremely adorable, hence the getting my way almost always.

2. I suffer from a life threatening case of hypochondria.....yup its pretty bad apparently its untreatable, maybe someday there will be a cure....one can only pray. but on the real there is always something wrong with me, currently i am plagued with possible herpes of the ankles or maybe they are mosquito bites, who really know. Oh and im pretty sure my jaw is going to dislocate when my wisdom tooth finishes emerging straight into my jaw bone.....owwwies

3. I am extremely impulsive (which probably hits back to topic number 1) I currently at the moment have a half painted apartment, lots of shoes for which i have no matching outfits to cordinate them with. have gone from blonde, red, black, blonde with hot pink, brown, red, black......well you get the pic (currently i am raven headed.) I am super lucky to have my handsome man to make me stop and take 10 every once in awhile.

4. I am a cry baby, i can literally cry at the drop of a hat. I cry at the end of any good movie (especially beauty and the beast, i literally sob when beast "dies" yes i know he is going to come back to life but still my heart BREAKS!) I have been forbidden to watch nature shows with my bf i cannot stand to see animals getting hurt even if it has to do with the food chain.

I know this kind of sounds like a list of my worst qualities but actually I believe that everybody has their quirks that makes up the full picture of the people we love. I have to admit i am kind of in heart with myself in a totally healthy way and I am pretty stoked other people seem to find me a little bit amazing haha. does anybody else have some quirky traits they love about themselves? do tell! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Southern Fried

Today is the forth of July! Go 'Merica! One thing that this holiday does is make me incredibly homesick and very nostalgic of the way I was raised. How was i raised you ask.......Southern Fried Baby! There is nothing that a southern girl loves more than a day full of bbq, themed outfits, family, flip flops, and fireworks. Its the honest truth. My sweet florida boy told me he had to work all day and when in fact he requested off weeks ago, because he knows I love being surprised! We are going to have a whole day of fun and fireworks! I swear to god I heart him so much! (I feel like this post is going to be raped by exclamation points so get used to it!) Even though we are going to be having so much fun, I'm still going to miss my family..............but I found this website on tumblr http://southernbellesecrets.tumblr.com/archive and thought i would share some of my favorites, they made me a little bit less homesick and mamma i know if your reading this you will get a kick out of it too.


Alright I could just post every one of them but I wont so I highly encourage everbody to go check out their archive, there are some really great "southernisms" there. I guess im off to get ready for all the celebrating I'm going to be doing! I hope everybody has a safe holiday and make sure you dont blow your eyes or fingers off with them firecrackers y'all!