Monday, July 23, 2012

getting nannyfied!

I was at work probably a few weeks ago and happened to have the pleasure of serving a table of moms taking shot after shot of tequila in front of their children, children that were under the age of 10 (let me just say, i am not a mom, but i do understand the need to unwind and have fun with your girls, but seriously for the sake of your sweet babies lives do this on a night when its just you and your girlfriends). This is kind of something i am not a fan of, and i got to talking to one of my friends about how when we were growing up our parents and none of their friends had those kind of shenanigans at a family dinner. We started talking about all the good old southern traditions of family and food and somehow got on the subject of pound cake. This turned into a whole debate over who's grandma had the best recipe and obviously my nanny does. Sadly i have never made her recipe but i remember looooving when somebody had the nerve to bring over a slice of their recipe because that meant out the blender and all the ingredients and she would show me "how a real pound cake should feel and taste" She doesn't know it yet but im pretty sure im gonna have to book a cooking class with her the next time i come home so that she can teach me her jedi cooking skills. Until then here are some pretty tasty poundcake recipes i found over at southern living. I especially want to try and make this buttermilk poundcake with custard sauce! yum!
photo by jennifer davick


Claire Kiefer said...

Okay . . . I'm from Georgia, but I've been living in California for the past 9ish years . . . and now you have me seriously LONGING for some pound cake. My mama's is so good!!! I think I'm a purist when it comes to pound cake--plain and simple--but there really are so many delicious variations. It better be HEAVY and MOIST or else forget it! ha.

p.s. my name is Claire too! :)

Honey-Dew This! said...

hi claire! i totally agree heavy, moist, and just the right amount of "crust" on the outside :-)

Anonymous said...

Mom made an amaretto pound cake and brought it to the beach for us. We put fresh raspberries and whipped cream on it and after one bite I wanted to be an animal and eat the whole thing by myself, growling and snarling at anyone who would dare come too close to my feast. They don't know how lucky they were that I was able to suppress my beastly passion for that tasty treat!

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