Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ya Lazy Bum!

I am not sure if I have publicly announced to the whole wide internet yet that I am unemployed. Have been out of a job for a whole month now and I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I am preggers and get extremely tired so having a little break can be nice, on the other hand I love money! The move that I recently made was actually in with my Mommy and Nanny which is a blessing but also makes  me feel like a dumb teenager again. I really have nothing to do but watch trashy television and play video games (skyrim to be exact!) so my mommy has kind of been giving me some daily "chores" nothing bad though. Today my tasks were to make a box of cookies, check! and to do a load of laundry, double check! I don't mind doing chores especially when they involved making baked treats! 

Other than my easy chores I have been up to "rescuing" baby forest animals. For instance: the other day I came home from doing some errands, immediately went to play with my puppies and noticed a weird bird noise and was thinking "gosh they must be doing a mating call cuz that thing is not shutting up!" finally come inside and can still here it when I realize it is the sound raccoons make! I run out on the backporch to look for where it is coming from and see a lonely little baby nugget of a raccoon crying next to a tree!

 (my craptastic phone camera does not do this sweet thing justice)
This little nugget was smaller than my old teacup yorkie! I wanted it to be my new friend! My immediate instinct was to go and grab the baby and snuggle with it but I got yelled at by my mother and grandmother that I had better not or they would beat me because of rabies, disease, and being pregnant blah blah blah.......anyways I did put on some rubber gloves and attempted it and that little sucker growled like a demon at me so I decided he wouldn't be my new pet. I called the mammal rescue guys and they said they would prefer to wait to see if its mommy tried to reunite with its baby since apparently raccoons are really incredible parents and family units and aren't known for abandoning one of their clan. Sure enough as soon as I left the sweet pea alone and came inside for about 30 minutes my new friend was gone. My heart was so happy that his mommy was able to find him but I was sad that we probably won't ever get to hang out again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The loves of my life!

As many of you are aware today is Father's Day, but in my family today is also my mothers birthday! I love that I get to celebrate two of my favorite and admired people in one day! 

Lets start with my Dad!
I do not even know how to describe this guy! He is hilarious and really that word doesn't even begin to cover how funny he is. I am pretty sure my father has never met a stranger in his life, he literally has no problem starting up a conversation with a completely random person. He is extremely imaginative and artistic  even if he will not admit it, if you ever have the pleasure of going into his home it is so charming, cozy, and whimsical, you will not find a stitch of beige only bright exciting colors! I love that my dad is a Gemini, I feel like it is something that bonds us together and explains alot of our mutual behaviors. He is responsible for passing down my sweet tooth gene, I know I can always count on him for sweets haha! I could really go on and on all day about all the little things that I admire him for and love about him but what I am really trying to say is that I LOVE MY DADDY! 

Now for my Mom!
This woman is such a special person! Everybody who ever interacts with her is always touched by her genuine and sweet spirit. I have honestly had several people that have come up to me and asked "is your mother really that sweet? or is it an act?" It always makes me laugh because she really is! I am very thankful that I had the privilege of having her as a full-time mommy, I hope that when I have the baby nugget that I can live up to her super mom example.

These two people have shaped and molded my life and continue to inspire me on a daily basis, I know that I may not be the perfect child that parents hope for I have never been made to feel unloved or judged for my mistakes. Both my Mom and Dad have been there for me and loved me in spite of all my flaws, they have been there to comfort me when my heart has broken many times, and they have been there for my triumphs! I don't know how or why but God really blessed me in the parent lottery!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

making room for baby

As I mentioned yesterday I have been bitten by the crafting bug and at the moment I don't think there is a cure. I have been obsessively checking out the vintage maternity patterns being sold on etsy and have already purchased a few. I am pretty stoked to get them and start making some dresses that will be adorable and have plenty of room to accommodate the growing nugget. I thought I would be depressed about getting chunkier but honestly I am not minding it because I know that as my belly gets bigger the baby is growing as it should, and also it means new clothes!
(I want to make the cute little dress with the peterpan collar and necktie!)

(Is this not just the cutest!)

(this fabric is definitely going to be happening in one of these dresses!)

So as you can see I intend on being a busy little bee! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sew be it!

I have recently been engaging in some pretty crafty endeavors involving a sewing machine. I have been working on a quilt for baby nugget! I have not been a lone ranger in this project though, my mother is my partner in craft and has done the bulk of the sewing and helped me see my idea and design come to be! Here are some sneak peeks of our little quilt top!
(our theme for baby is circus, so we wanted something bright and fun!)
(I am obsessed with these little animals on this fabric)

Now that we have begun this project it has definitely made me wet my appetite for sewing projects! We have another little baby blanky project lined up when we finish this one and then I have been dying to work on making some adorable summertime maternity dresses. It feels good to be productive and have a few little things planned to work on!

Monday, June 10, 2013

green mansion

This past week has been extremely exhausting, thanks to the constant packing and and gradual hauling of all my various possessions to my new home, My Nanny's house! We are having to wait till the current tenants move out of her basement apartment till the end of the month before I can really get settled but in the mean time I am having a sleepover for the next three weeks in my mommy's room. Even though I am in a sort of limbo till I can get my own personal space I am so blessed and happy to be here, this has been my haven and home for many years before I moved out of state for the last 7 years and I always feel at peace here. My Nanny lives in a very urban area but you would never guess it, the street that we live on and her house are surrounded by giant oak and pine trees that have been here for hundreds of years! In fact she named her estate "Knotty Pines". The view from my mothers art studio/computer room is of a lush green forest, and we call this forest our Green Mansion. 

(this was taken yesterday during a huge thunderstorm, everything just looked so green and lush!)

(i wanted a shot showing my view through the window since it is old and creepy looking ha)

I wish I had a better camera than my ancient iphone one so I could take pictures that better represent this beauty I get to see everyday, but I do have to say these don't look to shab! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

realistic goals

As I may have mentioned a few times in the last few days, yesterday was my birthday, a wonderful one I might add. There is nothing like being surrounded by family while you attempt to put yourself into a sugar coma while ingesting all the sweets and soda you can muster, after all you only get this excuse once a year! Besides the sweet treats and family gatherings birthdays are a great time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the next. Shall we visit last years goals? Why, yes, we shall! 

1) Paint a picture every week, so basically i need to have 52 painting by my next birthday
2) get big fake lumps of silicone inserted in my chest (yes its a shallow and maybe tacky but I WANT IT!)
3) go "glamping" in my backyard
4) learn french (well beyond saying tres and oui oui!)
5) pick a stinking color to paint my freaking apartment and just do it! 
6) keep my apartment spotless (right now i am afraid it looks like an episode of hoarders, its very embarrassing actually)
7) do a food challenge, like eat the worlds largest hamburger or something.
8) what i really really really want to do is go on a few weekend trips to some of my surrounding southern cities like Savannah, New Orleans, and Key West.
9) finally get started in roller derby 

While none of the are unrealistic goals (except for maybe getting breast implants, but i still want them dangit!) I can honestly say I did not accomplish a single one of these things on this list. Shame on my lazy self! Even though I failed at doing last years list I feel a little more stable and slightly more wise this year so I believe i will make an attempt at another set of goals. Here we gooo!

1) Try to make my new apartment a charming and cozy haven for me and baby nugget.

2) Instead of wearing p.j. pants and t-shirts all day and night, get up, get dressed, be fabulous!

3) Dust off the sewing machine and actually use it once in awhile!

4) I still want to go glamping, and now that I have some outdoorsy friends I feel this is more of a likelihood.

5) Cook for my family at least a few times a month (And make it a recipe I have never cooked before)

6) Go creek swimming while the weather is gorgeous!

7) Meditate daily and give thanks for all I have and will accomplish!

I think these are simple and do-able "goals" and if I am not able to mark them all off by next year then there is no hope for me! I do have confidence though that I be able to do these and possibly add more to the list throughout the year! Wish me luck! 

Friday, June 7, 2013


Well folks being the gypsy that I am, today is moving day. With this move I will have lived in three totally separate places in the last twelve months, which is insane! Luckily this move I am only having to move about 15 miles from where I currently am, and it just so happens to be with my mommy and I am excited about that especially since I'm expecting the little nugget and will need her more than ever. 
my madre and I in January for my nanny's bday.
(and yes that is a 1980's sequin dress, I will make a whole post dedicated to it)