Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ya Lazy Bum!

I am not sure if I have publicly announced to the whole wide internet yet that I am unemployed. Have been out of a job for a whole month now and I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I am preggers and get extremely tired so having a little break can be nice, on the other hand I love money! The move that I recently made was actually in with my Mommy and Nanny which is a blessing but also makes  me feel like a dumb teenager again. I really have nothing to do but watch trashy television and play video games (skyrim to be exact!) so my mommy has kind of been giving me some daily "chores" nothing bad though. Today my tasks were to make a box of cookies, check! and to do a load of laundry, double check! I don't mind doing chores especially when they involved making baked treats! 

Other than my easy chores I have been up to "rescuing" baby forest animals. For instance: the other day I came home from doing some errands, immediately went to play with my puppies and noticed a weird bird noise and was thinking "gosh they must be doing a mating call cuz that thing is not shutting up!" finally come inside and can still here it when I realize it is the sound raccoons make! I run out on the backporch to look for where it is coming from and see a lonely little baby nugget of a raccoon crying next to a tree!

 (my craptastic phone camera does not do this sweet thing justice)
This little nugget was smaller than my old teacup yorkie! I wanted it to be my new friend! My immediate instinct was to go and grab the baby and snuggle with it but I got yelled at by my mother and grandmother that I had better not or they would beat me because of rabies, disease, and being pregnant blah blah blah.......anyways I did put on some rubber gloves and attempted it and that little sucker growled like a demon at me so I decided he wouldn't be my new pet. I called the mammal rescue guys and they said they would prefer to wait to see if its mommy tried to reunite with its baby since apparently raccoons are really incredible parents and family units and aren't known for abandoning one of their clan. Sure enough as soon as I left the sweet pea alone and came inside for about 30 minutes my new friend was gone. My heart was so happy that his mommy was able to find him but I was sad that we probably won't ever get to hang out again.


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