Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leggo my Eggo!

My birthday is coming up in about t-minus two days! let the count down begin for the big two-six! June 8th has always been my favorite holiday, because lets face it, I am a huge narcissist. I love love LOVE being the center of attention! I know your thinking "geez what a brat" (which i am, so get over it) I really cant help that  I am this way because I am the very definition of of Gemini. If you were to go into most books about astrology and turn to the Gemini section you would basically see a photo album of me and my high-jinks. This explains my inconstant blog posting, emotional decision making, self centered attitude, and inability to finish one project, buuuuuttttt I am not a lost cause! I promise! I feel like this is the year that I am going to triumph and grow up, in fact I know it, because (here's the bombshell) Im PREGNANT! yep, my eggo is preggo!
(this is when the nugget was 8 weeks, now it is 14 weeks)

Before your like "wow, call DHR, or 911, this unstable lady is gonna be in charge of birthing and raising another human life?!!" I am not that bad! Even though the circumstances may not meet the general public's standards, but you know that's okay because life isn't perfect. This chance to have a little human to snuggle and make blanket forts with lights up my very existence.

Sometimes I feel like people try to tell single women with children that they can't pursue their dreams, joy, or relationships, and excuse my language but that is total crap! I know the road ahead of me is not going to be paved with platinum and diamonds, in fact it will probably be paved with raging diarrhea, mushrooms, and raw onions. (things that are gross, if i must clarify) So basically life WILL be very hard, BUT every triumph I experience will be with my little nugget in my arms. That in itself is a triumph!


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