Sunday, June 16, 2013

The loves of my life!

As many of you are aware today is Father's Day, but in my family today is also my mothers birthday! I love that I get to celebrate two of my favorite and admired people in one day! 

Lets start with my Dad!
I do not even know how to describe this guy! He is hilarious and really that word doesn't even begin to cover how funny he is. I am pretty sure my father has never met a stranger in his life, he literally has no problem starting up a conversation with a completely random person. He is extremely imaginative and artistic  even if he will not admit it, if you ever have the pleasure of going into his home it is so charming, cozy, and whimsical, you will not find a stitch of beige only bright exciting colors! I love that my dad is a Gemini, I feel like it is something that bonds us together and explains alot of our mutual behaviors. He is responsible for passing down my sweet tooth gene, I know I can always count on him for sweets haha! I could really go on and on all day about all the little things that I admire him for and love about him but what I am really trying to say is that I LOVE MY DADDY! 

Now for my Mom!
This woman is such a special person! Everybody who ever interacts with her is always touched by her genuine and sweet spirit. I have honestly had several people that have come up to me and asked "is your mother really that sweet? or is it an act?" It always makes me laugh because she really is! I am very thankful that I had the privilege of having her as a full-time mommy, I hope that when I have the baby nugget that I can live up to her super mom example.

These two people have shaped and molded my life and continue to inspire me on a daily basis, I know that I may not be the perfect child that parents hope for I have never been made to feel unloved or judged for my mistakes. Both my Mom and Dad have been there for me and loved me in spite of all my flaws, they have been there to comfort me when my heart has broken many times, and they have been there for my triumphs! I don't know how or why but God really blessed me in the parent lottery!


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