Sunday, June 9, 2013

realistic goals

As I may have mentioned a few times in the last few days, yesterday was my birthday, a wonderful one I might add. There is nothing like being surrounded by family while you attempt to put yourself into a sugar coma while ingesting all the sweets and soda you can muster, after all you only get this excuse once a year! Besides the sweet treats and family gatherings birthdays are a great time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the next. Shall we visit last years goals? Why, yes, we shall! 

1) Paint a picture every week, so basically i need to have 52 painting by my next birthday
2) get big fake lumps of silicone inserted in my chest (yes its a shallow and maybe tacky but I WANT IT!)
3) go "glamping" in my backyard
4) learn french (well beyond saying tres and oui oui!)
5) pick a stinking color to paint my freaking apartment and just do it! 
6) keep my apartment spotless (right now i am afraid it looks like an episode of hoarders, its very embarrassing actually)
7) do a food challenge, like eat the worlds largest hamburger or something.
8) what i really really really want to do is go on a few weekend trips to some of my surrounding southern cities like Savannah, New Orleans, and Key West.
9) finally get started in roller derby 

While none of the are unrealistic goals (except for maybe getting breast implants, but i still want them dangit!) I can honestly say I did not accomplish a single one of these things on this list. Shame on my lazy self! Even though I failed at doing last years list I feel a little more stable and slightly more wise this year so I believe i will make an attempt at another set of goals. Here we gooo!

1) Try to make my new apartment a charming and cozy haven for me and baby nugget.

2) Instead of wearing p.j. pants and t-shirts all day and night, get up, get dressed, be fabulous!

3) Dust off the sewing machine and actually use it once in awhile!

4) I still want to go glamping, and now that I have some outdoorsy friends I feel this is more of a likelihood.

5) Cook for my family at least a few times a month (And make it a recipe I have never cooked before)

6) Go creek swimming while the weather is gorgeous!

7) Meditate daily and give thanks for all I have and will accomplish!

I think these are simple and do-able "goals" and if I am not able to mark them all off by next year then there is no hope for me! I do have confidence though that I be able to do these and possibly add more to the list throughout the year! Wish me luck! 


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