Wednesday, June 12, 2013

making room for baby

As I mentioned yesterday I have been bitten by the crafting bug and at the moment I don't think there is a cure. I have been obsessively checking out the vintage maternity patterns being sold on etsy and have already purchased a few. I am pretty stoked to get them and start making some dresses that will be adorable and have plenty of room to accommodate the growing nugget. I thought I would be depressed about getting chunkier but honestly I am not minding it because I know that as my belly gets bigger the baby is growing as it should, and also it means new clothes!
(I want to make the cute little dress with the peterpan collar and necktie!)

(Is this not just the cutest!)

(this fabric is definitely going to be happening in one of these dresses!)

So as you can see I intend on being a busy little bee! 


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