Thursday, September 13, 2012

poppy fields

You know when you look at somebody that has used drugs for so long and completely ruined their life? You probably think why did they even start, i mean everybody knows what the end looks like, how could you possibly even begin. I think i finally understand. There comes a point in your life where everyday and every little scenario feels like you have been swimming for days and are waiting for the coast guard, you are so tired, waves keep splashing you in the face, salt water gushes into your nose and your throat and for a moment you stop swimming. As you begin slowly sinking you can see the the sun shining through the water and your air bubbles rising to meet the surface, you realize this is easier and decide not to try anymore. I feel like at the moment (tomorrow will be different im sure) im tired of swimming. Drugs are not in my future but it would be nice to live in opium den and never feel anything again. I know that if i just open up the one window in my house and see the sun i will feel differently, but here in my crypt of darkness i almost feel complete, this is the way i was meant to live.


Anonymous said...

Run toward the Light! The Light makes everything clear and reveals the way and the truth. Choose the Light! Darkness and death are not your friend. It keeps you blind, stumbling and imprisoned. Escape the creepy dark into the beautiful Light. M, someone who loves you.

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