Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dog Bites and Diamonds

This weekend was filled with so much drama it was unbelievable! I had to "call out" of work on sunday because i was crying like a maniac. These tears were caused by my super adorable but super terrible puppies, who decided it would be a good idea to bite my neighbors dog. I know they sound vicious but trust me they are the complete opposite and the most vicious thing they do is run around my house and try to catch the flies that have broken into my house in their mouths. I mean these fur creatures are just straight up love bugs, and no i am not just saying that because they are mine and i am biased, it's the honest to dog truth! so anyways my one puppy, panda, escaped my clutches for a minute and ran around the other corner of my house where my neighbor just so happened to come out of his house to take his gorgeous collie for a walk and then the tragedy happened. panda nipped him! obviously I was pissed at panda, my neighbor was pissed at both of us and im pretty sure wanted us both in prison. I grabbed panda and roxie and ushered them back inside my house while repeating apologies, i felt terrible! I wrote my neighbor a note and stuck it to his door so he would see it when he got back continuing to apologize and appealing to him to let us have a fresh start as neighbors, about two minutes late this angry man came knocking on my door, threatening me with calling animal control and having my dogs quarantined. I broke down and cried like a baby in front of this guy, basically begging like an idiot. It was so embarrassing. I can totally understand his anger, but under the circumstances and the severity of the incident he was being a total dick about it. This is what my theory is, panda escaped from me, she went around the corner expecting freedom and a game of chase from mom, instead saw a much bigger dog, was surprised and scared, and in order to show the bigger dog she wasn't to be messed with, bit the dogs poor little bottom. There was no "dog fight" worthy biting it was a single nip so i think threat of police involvement and doggie foster homes was a bit of overkill. Oh well, I plan on making halloween cookies and taking them to my neighbor anyway so maybe they will get over it.
       Okay so enough drama, I want to talk about my secret guilty pleasure and i'm sure many of you women share this with me, secret engagement ring shopping! First of all, I am in no way, shape, or form in anyway about to get engaged. My boyfriend and I just got back together after taking a two week breakup from each other, but that doesn't stop a girl from planning her future wedding. You cant exactly tell your BF that you have been gazing at diamond rings all day without him getting weirded out, ya know? here are some of the beautys i have been coveting lately (and let it be known i am quirky and may not want an actual diamond, i cant decide)
here is my absolute fav! I am in love with rose gold.
Once again another rose gold ring, but so georgeous!
This one is just whimsical and cute! I love that it says oui' on the side!
and last but not least a more traditional style ring. (but still a little funky)

    So that about raps up my drama and my secret diamond shopping from this weekend, but don't worry folks i have more of my drama coming your way soon. Loves, Claire


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