Friday, August 24, 2012

health benefits anyone?

okay so i have an issue with settling down. It freaks me out almost as bad as spiders, and if you knew me then you would know how psycho i get about a little tiny spider. I have been known to jump out of moving vehicles if a spider has hitched a ride in my car (true story). I have a hard time keeping husbands (story for another day) boyfriends, phone numbers, and addresses. I am pretty great at keeping jobs though, those little papers with the funny men and green ink keep me coming back like a crackhead. That being said i have lived in my shoebox for a little over 6 months now and keep putting off doing cute things to it because (a. i am broker than a joker. and (b. im prob gonna move sometime sooooooooo i get lazy. I am slowly starting to realize though that i need more money, and i need a "career" (that word makes me want to barf in my mouth!) In order for me to be able to move to another city or another state i need to have some kind of skill that will make people throw dollar bills at me, so i have to come to the decision that i will be going back to college (another vomit word aaaaggghh) I found a program that i want to do reeeaaally bad but its very hard to get into, only 36 spots, I have to kick it into high gear and get my crap together so that i can get that spot! I realize that i will be exhausted because i plan on getting my nursing degree in less that a year from when i get to start school but holy crap, it will be so worth it! In a year and a half instead of slinging food and drinks i could be saving lives! I know this is sort of a random post but I dont know how to contain my excitement, i have finally figured out what i want my big girl job to be!


Anonymous said...

Awesome about the big girl job! I am really excited for you and will be praying that things go exactly as they should!!! So much love to you, R.

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