Friday, May 11, 2012

stencil me in

At the moment I am in the process of decorating my apartment, something that is very hard for me because I am a very indecisive human being. I knew that I wanted to paint an accent wall and went as far as to buy paint samples and undertook the task of painting only half of my apartment in a color until I kind of realized it was not true love, thank goodness valspar has color guarantee.  I had to rethink my whole design plan, which still includes the accent wall, but now i am obsessed with wall stencils to create that look of wallpaper. After days and days of looking through every search engine I could find, my dream stencil and i met.
this stencil is from royal design studio on etsy, they have so many amazing designs!
this was the second runner up, also found on etsy by bluedoor17

I am so excited to go paint shopping again! This time I am going to go with my gut and pick what I love, instead of picking what i think a "grownup" would choose, i see pinks and blacks and lots of hounds-tooth!

if anybody is interested in any other stencil designs you can also find a large collection at and is one of my favorites, they pretty much have everything!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you got all the time in the world to decorate like a grown up. Love the stencils.

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

Love all of this. so cute. and can I just say that your blog is ADORABLE. Absolutely love everything about it!


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