Saturday, May 12, 2012

Be Wise!

I know that everybody feels this way, but i seriously have the most amazing mother in the universe! She has always been my best friend and partner-in-craft.
 For those of you who do not know, she is one of the most talented portrait artist that ever walked this earth. When i was a little girl i would sit in her "art room" and watch her construct these amazing images, i was so fascinated by the many boxes of pastels she had and the way her finger tips would be covered in rainbows.
(a portrait she did of my aunt cherry who passed away recently)
She was always creating something amazing, whether it was with sewing, painting, jewelry making her imagination and creativity never stopped! As a teenager we would go shopping and if i liked something she would look at the pricetag and say "golly, i could make that" and honestly it would embarrass the crap out of me and make me mad because i would just want the stupid brand name tag, now i say the same thing (insert chuckling.)

While i was growing up we would always watch the classic movie channel together and one movie that we would most often quote was:
 we would always try and "make enchantment" like blanch, and until i was older and just recently watched the movie i didn't realize how many things we would quote from that movie. I guess this is just one of those mother/daughter inside joke things but its reason 1,000,008 why i love my mommy.

I could seriously write for years all the reasons i love her, but basically she is my real soul-twin, my treasure box, my inspiration, my shining example of a true woman. Mommy i love your gracious heart and your rose colored glasses, Happy Mothers Day!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh! How wonderfully sweet! You do have the best Mommy in the world. Can we share? Oh, wait. We already do! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing tribute! That mom is so blessed to have a daughter to say such nice things. It warms my heart more than you can know. I happen to know that you are so precious to this this mom. My heart is glowing. Mom

Anonymous said...

I have the two most "wonderfully sweet" girls a mom could be blessed with. Yes, I do.

Anonymous said...

wow what a nice post!!! and she's super talented....=) thanks for sharing!!!

Clara Turbay said...

i´m happy with your blog. Come and check out mine!

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