Thursday, May 17, 2012

the green machine!

I know i have mentioned before but i recently moved into a new apartment, one that i cannot stress enough is the size of a to-go box that you ask for at a restaurant. More like when you say "i need a small to-go box, the smallest one you have please." That is my apartment. At this moment i don't have an awesome picture of my place but to give you an idea it looks kind of like this (minus the amazing bay window, and add a fridge and a stove randomly against a wall.):
(I'm sorry i don't have the original source of this photo, i found it on tumblr)
As you could imagine a washer and dryer in a space this small are a no-go, especially considering that there is no hookup for them. I have been looking all over the Internet for alternate clothes washing apparatuses that do not involve electricity, and i decided to take the plunge on this one:

 The Rapid Washer - DIY Manual Hand Washing Machine

I have to say i am not a fan of this device, i received it yesterday and tried to do a small load of clothes in my sink. I work as a waitress/bartender so my clothes tend to get a little more funky than the average person, and i found that it didn't get the deep clean that i really needed. I'm sorry to say that for my personal needs it just didn't cut it, but with that said i still am boycotting the laundromat, so for the moment i will continue to hand wash my rags. 


Anonymous said...

Don't give up so soon. You'll get the rhythm of it. Buy a small plastic garbage can. Place it in your bathtub or shower. Try again. It think you may get better results. Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh! I hope that you can somehow make it work! I saw someone with one of these and they got a bucket (maybe 10 gallons) with a lid, cut a hole in the top of the lid and pumped it like they were churning butter. You can get free buckets from the bakery at Publix. They use a bunch and don't mind saving them for you.

Ioana-Carmen said...

love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses

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