Monday, May 7, 2012

Devil Dogs

Tonight i pulled an all-nighter for the first time in probably 3 years. No, i was not protesting sleep for some righteous cause, or even partying down........I was held hostage by the boyfriend and his best friend and forced to watch a scary movie that i have seen 4 times now. (still scares the pee-pee out of me.) Then the boys decided to talk about "the old scratch" and his minions (a.k.a. satan, demons, and ghosts) Thanks to my over active imagination my eyes did not feel droopy once until now........the sun has finally risen and i am safe from the dark lord (well one hopes anyway.) I did manage to do one crafty/non-scary thing last night.

I present:
this little frenchie is not mine unfortunately. If i cant add another sweet wil' bebe to my furry family at the moment then at least i can paint my dream dog. I am gonna prop him next to my bed I'm sure he will protect me from all the ghosties.


Marissa said...

Haha... aww, poor you! That is the cutest drawing though. I'm obsessed with Frenchies!

Anonymous said...

I love the doggie portrait! That is beautiful art to treasure. I hope that you will do more paintings of people's fur babies!

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